Steve - Advisors

Byron McCormick, PhD

Dr. Byron McCormick has a broad and extensive career in developing and bringing advanced technologies to diverse markets. Prior to forming his consulting company, Prepared Minds International, he was the Executive Director of General Motor¹s Global Alternative Propulsion Center which had global responsibility for all elements of GM¹s fuel cell and hydrogen technology and vehicle development programs, as well as advanced motors and power electronic systems. Preceding that, he was Managing Director of Delco Propulsion Systems. Earlier in his career at GM, he was responsible for several advanced system developments including the first electronic stability control systems. He was also ran a defense business in GM called Delco Systems which developed and delivered advanced computer and control systems for defense products and civilian avionics applications. Early in his career, he was a researcher through Deputy Division Leader at Los Alamos National laboratory in the Electronics Division. He has a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona.


Mark Mascal, PhD

Dr. Mark Mascal is a professor of chemistry at the University of California at Davis. His research program centers around the applications of synthetic organic chemistry to renewable energy and materials, conducting polymers, medicinal chemistry, and fundamental aspects of molecular structure. Dr. Mascal has a PhD in Chemistry from Imperial College in the University of London, UK and did postdoctoral research with Nobel Laureate Jean-Marie Lehn at the University of Strasbourg, France. He started his academic career in the UK, moving after 10 years back to the US to take up a visiting professorship at UCLA. He was appointed as an assistant professor of chemistry at UC Davis in 2003, associate professor in 2007, and full professor in 2012. He was also appointed as the 2012 Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Alternative Energy Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Tom Rovis, PhD

Dr. Tomislav Rovis is a professor of chemistry at Colorado State University. His research focus is on Asymmetric catalysis, organometallic chemistry, reaction development, and synthesis of biologically important molecules. Dr. Rovis earned his Ph.D. degree at the University of Toronto and then was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. In 2000, he began his independent career at Colorado State University and was promoted in 2005 to Associate Professor and in 2008 to Professor. His group’s accomplishments have been recognized by numerous awards. He has recently been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a Katritzky Young Investigator in Heterocyclic Chemistry, and an Arthur C. Cope Scholar. He currently holds the John K. Stille Chair in Chemistry.


Pete Mikochik, PhD

Dr. Peter Mikochik joined xF Technologies as Principal Chemist in 2009, bringing along with him an extensive understanding of the fields of organocatalysis and organic synthesis. Pete was the creative force behind the furoate ester technology platform, and demonstrated its feasibility on laboratory scales. Prior to xF Technologies, he completed his PhD. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, followed by a post-doctoral appointment at Yale University. As of 2013, Pete transitioned to the role of scientific advisor, where he continues to contribute novel catalyst designs to further overall process cost reduction.


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