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The global plasticizer market has an estimated value of $15 billion spread out over 16 billion pounds. Of that total, approximately 85% are phthalates. Of the phthalates, the two dominant types are DOP and DINP and they make up approximately 75% of the total.

Both of these phthalates have been associated with reproductive and developmental effects in lab animals and are prohibited in toys and child products. Many other petroleum-derived plasticizers are under scrutiny as well. As a result, many companies are seeking safe alternatives such as xF Technologies’ di-408 family of plasticizers. Two examples are DPG di-408 and TEG di-408 that are high solvating, fast fusing with low volatility.

Dipropylene Glycol Difuroate

(DPG di-408)DPG di-408


Triethylene Glycol Difuroate

(TEG di-408)

TEG di-408

A summary of the physical properties of these plasticizers is given below.

xF Plasticizer Table