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In latex paints, coalescing aids reduce the glass transition temperature (Tg) allowing the polymers to flow together and form a film. Since coalescing aids are volatile, they evaporate out of the film thus allowing the polymer to return to the original Tg.

A coalescing aid must fulfill three criteria:

  • Be compatible with base polymer of the system.
  • Lower the minimum film-formation temperature (MFFT).
  • Evaporate at a lower rate than water.

xF Technologies will welcome inquiries regarding two structures as efficient coalescing aids: triethylene 408 (TEG 408) and methoxyethyl 408 (ME 408).

Triethylene Furoate

(TEG 408)
TEG 408

Methoxyethyl Furoate

(ME 408)

ME 408