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In latex paints, coalescing aids reduce the glass transition temperature (Tg) allowing the polymers to flow together and form a film. Since coalescing aids are volatile, they evaporate out of the film thus allowing the polymer to return to the original Tg.

A coalescing aid must fulfill three criteria:

  • Be compatible with base polymer of the system.
  • Lower the minimum film-formation temperature (MFFT).
  • Evaporate at a lower rate than water.

xF Technologies offers a range of solvents that can function as efficient coalescing aids and two examples are triethylene 408 (TEG 408) and methoxyethyl 408 (ME 408).

Triethylene Furoate

(TEG 408)
TEG 408

Methoxyethyl Furoate

(ME 408)

ME 408